Hello, I'm

Kenny Tye

I'm a full stack developer.

I’m a developer specializing in building React applications. I am naturally curious, creative and I love to solve difficult problems. I hope to join a team of talented individuals I can learn from and build engaging digital experiences with.

About Me

I am a full stack developer and programmer from Los Angeles, CA. I started coding with Python after developing an interest in automating some of the repetitive tasks I was responsible for while working as the A&R Manager at a music publisher. I built myself tools to streamline some of the processes the company had been doing by hand for the prior decade, and increased my own productivity by a wide margin. I also wrote scripts to enhance the research I was doing on songwriters who were just bubbling up on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It gave me the edge against my competitors and put us at the table for negotiating publishing deals early. I’ve since become completely enamored with learning as much as I can about coding, web development, data science and automation. It’s been an incredible journey and I’ve created applications with the following technologies:





CSS / Sass


Beautiful Soup

Git & Github



NoSQL / Firebase


Flashcard Application

This is a full featured flashcard application I built with React and Firebase Firestore. The application allows individual users to create, edit and delete decks within their personal collection. The user can also track their knowledge through the mastery rating tracked on each run through a specific deck. On top of that, there are a large number of stock decks a user can choose from and add to their collection. I wrote Python web scrapers to collect and catalog all of the stock decks in the application.






React Router


Beautiful Soup


I am currently seeking new freelance and full-time developer opportunities.

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